Simply Delicious Way for University of Michigan Alumni to Enjoy Summer While Keeping Their Job Search on Track


Summer sun and fun are here. Get out there and soak up every delicious moment, but don’t put your job search on hold during the summer months. Get it moving or keep it moving – more effortlessly.

While many job seekers may be prone to relax their search during the lazy days of summer, you can have the competitive advantage while they slack off. But you don’t have to do all the work to keep your job search on track.

The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan’s job search partner, Fridayd, enables you to leave all the work and worry behind and have more time for what matters most in your life.

  • Professional job search is done for you; Fridayd delivers the most relevant job postings from across the web and targeted company websites
  • With your approval, applications are submitted on your behalf
  • Networking connections are researched and provided to you
  • All job search activities are organized on one easy-to-access dashboard

On a mobile device, it’s just tap, touch and done. You can manage your job search processes in 30 minutes or less per week.

Get started now for a more carefree summer while your job search stays on track.





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