Fridayd™ Teams Up with Oklahoma State University Alumni Association and Career Services to Provide Virtual Assistant Solution for Job-seeking Alumni

Oklahoma State University offers first-of-a-kind solution to help optimize and streamline job search

CHARLOTTE, NC, August 2, 2016 — Fridayd, LLC, a provider of advanced technology and services that are transforming online job search, application and tracking for job seekers, announces that Oklahoma State University (OSU) Alumni Association has joined its higher education partnership program to make Fridayd’s job search solution more accessible to alumni.

The OSU Alumni Association represents more than 200,000 alumni living throughout the world and 100+ alumni chapters, watch clubs and societies. In addition to using resources provided by OSU Career Services when seeking new employment, alumni can also benefit from Fridayd as an added resource to help reduce the time-consuming and frustrating tactical aspects of a typical job search, giving them more time to focus on networking, interview preparation or personal interests.

Fridayd differs from traditional job search boards and services, which still require the job seeker to search for the most relevant job postings, upload resumes, complete applications on an array of application systems, hunt for networking connections and track their efforts and progress themselves. Instead of a do-it-yourself approach, job seekers using Fridayd have a simplified, do-it-for-me solution because Fridayd provides more than highly relevant job search results. It goes to the next level of completing applications, making networking recommendations and giving users a way to control and monitor the process on a personalized dashboard.

“We believe Fridayd is the next logical evolution in the job search industry,” said Fridayd CEO Carlos Paz. “We help alleviate the burden of job search and the related stress, time demands and exasperation that cause some job seekers to give up their search. Our virtual assistant concept is saving job seekers a lot of time, on average 40 hours per month in most cases.”

It’s estimated that a job search spans over seven months. Fridayd’s mission is to not only help reduce time-to-hire for job seekers, but also to give them a better search experience plus support job seekers through the process. In the case of new graduates who aren’t experienced at conducting a job search, Fridayd can be like having a skilled, personal job search team on their side. For more passive job seekers who are already employed, Fridayd can take the pressure off of trying to fit a job search into an already hectic schedule. And for the unemployed, Fridayd can help keep a job search moving while also providing support.

“The job search process can be very isolating in addition to exhausting,” said Paz. “We want to change that, so we also provide a way for job seekers to provide feedback to refine their searches and to get support, something not offered by other job search companies. It’s technology with a human touch.”

“We see the value in offering Fridayd’s solution to alumni because of its ability to help relieve job seekers from many of the time-intensive and stressful elements a job search entails,” said OSU Career Services and Alumni Career Services Assistant Director Lindsay Vallaster. “We are pleased to offer a new service that complements what we are doing in terms of preparing new graduates and alumni for a job search by offering career consulting, assistance with resumes and cover letters, interview preparation, special events, and job search tools by offering one more layer of support to help them reach their career goals.”

OSU alumni can learn more about Fridayd by visiting the OSU Alumni Association’s Alumni Career Services website or by contacting Lindsay Vallaster at

About Fridayd

Charlotte, NC-based Fridayd provides technology and services that are transforming online job search, application and tracking to relieve the burden of tedious, repetitive job search tasks, save job seekers hours of time and support them through the process. Disrupting the online job search industry, Fridayd uses intelligent, criteria-driven searches to deliver highly relevant employment opportunities but goes beyond simple search and aggregation, serving as a virtual assistant to apply to jobs, monitor progress and track job search processes all in one place for the user.


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