How to Upgrade to Fridayd’s Standard or Premium Plan

If you are looking for a new job, you landed in the right place at Fridayd. Using proprietary technology and backend support to do job search and application for you, you can cut your job search efforts and save time, on average 40 hours per month.

Our free job search tracker is a great resource for you to manually keep struck of your own job search efforts, but it does not include the higher value of having job search and application done for you. Read a case study on how Heide landed her dream job in only 8 weeks using Fridayd.

To reap the full benefits of Fridayd for job search and application, you will need to upgrade to our standard or premium plan. To do that simply login to your Fridayd dashboard. Next, click on “Select Subscription” and choose either the standard or premium plan.


And don’t forget to complete the “Application Data” section on your dashboard. We can’t begin your job search until you have completed the “Job Search Criteria” section.

Get started now searching smarter, not harder, for your next big adventure. And ask questions or request help at anytime by sending an email to We’re here for you.