Seven Habits of Highly Effective Job Searchers


Looking for a new job is never at the top of anyone’s list of a fun time, but it can be fulfilling when the hard work pays off and you land that new position. How effective you are in your search efforts depends on multiple variables, including your credentials, fit for the role, and how well you interview; however, there are approaches you can cultivate that will keep you on top of your game and up your odds of winning.

At Fridayd, through our work with and research on job seekers, we’ve identified seven habits of the most effective job searchers.

Don’t Waver
A job search can be short-term or take much longer. On average, it may take white-collar professionals seven months to land a new job. We’ve seen job seekers using Fridayd secure a new position in as little as two to seven weeks, but most take longer, depending on the type of job you are looking for and your qualifications. Regardless of the span of time, stay the course. Don’t put your search on the back burner.

A job search is frustrating, especially when it goes on for too long. It’s easy to give in to defeat and depression and give up your search. Don’t. Keep going. One of the reasons we founded Fridayd was to help conquer the tedious and overwhelming jobs search and application process. Even when you start to feel defeated and want to throw in the towel, Fridayd keeps going for you, doing all of the work you may not want to do or feel like doing on your own.

Keep Connecting
Networking is a major aspect in your search. Even if you’ve touched base with all of your connections, stay in touch and circle back ever so often to see if anything has changed since your last contact. Don’t merely rely on existing members in your network. Continue making new connections.

Sell Yourself – Always
Everyone you meet has the potential of knowing someone who knows someone looking for the exact talent you have. Always be selling yourself. Unemployed individuals, in particular, can start to fall into a black hole when a job search goes on too long. They can become less concerned about their brand or appearance and stop worrying about the impressions they make. This is exactly when they need to do the reverse and get up, get dressed up, and show up in the world.

Continually Refine Your Approach
If you started with one resume a year ago and you are still searching a new job, mix it up. Try new approaches to your resume and cover letters. Keep them fresh. Ask for advice from mentors or resume writers.

Stay on top of hiring and recruiting trends. Read articles and blogs so that you are informed about the changing hiring landscape and practices. Fridayd is one of those changes that has helped to improve the job search process for its users. Learn more about how it works.

Stay Positive
Believe that you WILL land the job that is just right for you. Stay positive. Find ways to keep your spirits high and continue the search, no matter what. Be grateful for the lessons learned along the way.

Reinvent Yourself
A job search is an ideal time to deeply evaluate who you are and what you really want and need to be happy. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself. Maybe you are searching for a job in the same field because you think you have to, when, in fact, you could be missing hundreds of opportunities to try something new or do the work you’ve always secretly dreamed of doing. There are career coaches and mentors who can help you dig in and understand yourself and your career goals better.

Don’t Define Yourself by What You Do for a Living
People work for myriad reasons, but most do so to support themselves and their families. Still, there is a tendency to validate who we are and our worth in society by the work that we do or the professional level we have risen to. Shift your mindset to see yourself as someone who is passionate about doing good work and contributing, regardless of the type of work or title you hold. Even in your search, don’t view yourself as unemployed, for example. Look at yourself as an explorer of self and opportunities – a discoverer of vast possibilities.

Bonus Tip
Keep smiling. You found your last job. You will find another one, too — and one that is meant to take you on a path you maybe didn’t know you were supposed to travel, but one full of new lessons and growth.


Emerging Technology Helps Get Terminated and Redundant Employees Back to Work


No one likes to terminate employees. It’s painful for company personnel who have to deliver the blow; it’s even worse for employees being let go, especially if they don’t have a severance package to help them along. They’re devastated. Where will they work? Where will the next paycheck come from? How will they survive?

Off-boarded employees not only lose a job; they may lose their confidence, sense of self-worth and even their ability to focus on searching for a new job. Typical transition plans may help, but generally they are designed to help with resume and interview preparation. Exiting employees, in the midst of their loss and grief, will have to muscle through and perform the tedious tasks of searching for a new position, plus perform the time-consuming application processes – and at a time that they may not feel up to it.

And then there is the negativity that comes with job loss. Exiting employees don’t particularly hold high regard for the company letting them go. Additionally, there is a cost of terminating employees. Unemployment insurance and COBRA can cost a company a bundle, especially if a large number of employees are made redundant as is the case for major company downsizing, acquisitions, company mergers etc.

Companies can turn that negativity around. They can provide exiting employees with tools to move forward so that job search and application processes are done for them. Providing such a service reflects well on the company, helps get terminated employees back to work faster and cuts costs related to letting employees go.

Fortunately, such technology-driven services are emerging, but not many human resources and company leaders are aware of them or understand how they work. In the case of what we are doing at Fridayd, we take the work out of finding work by removing the monotonous administrative tasks for the job seeker so they have more free time to focus on networking and interview preparation. It’s a simple approach. The job seeker reviews highly relevant search results and indicates with one click if they want to apply. We take it from there and give the job seeker a one-stop job search shop along with an easy-access dashboard to track all processes. It keeps a job search moving and saves the job seeker on average 40 hours per month, bringing great relief to the terminated employees, not to mention the image-saving, cost-cutting value it delivers to the company.

Learn more about what we are doing to help companies and their transitioning employees, in addition to helping any job seeker save time and conduct a more effective job search.