Fridayd takes the work out of finding work. No time for a job search? No problem. With Fridayd, job seekers can search smarter, not harder, and leave the applying to us.

“I love searching for a new job,” says no one, EVER. That’s why Fridayd is getting noticed for taking the pain out of job searches by eliminating the tedious, unbearable tasks of the process.

As it stands, searching for a new job is a tremendous chore. Fridayd makes it easy by using intelligent, criteria-driven searches to efficiently match job seekers with their dream job. But that’s only part of what we do. We take on the monotonous, time consuming stuff—uploading resumes, filling out job applications, tracking search efforts and progress—helping our users focus more on achieving and less on the repetitive tasks.

Who doesn’t want to up the odds in their favor to secure the ideal job when up against gobs of other candidates jockeying for the same opportunity? And who doesn’t want to experience greater productivity with less effort?

Searching for a job is like a full-time job itself. To be done effectively, it requires a broad search across multiple job boards and corporate websites. That process takes sufficient time day after day to find the right prospects. Then there is the application activity that gobbles up even more precious time. It’s a frustrating part of a job search too. Online applications are all different and require the applicant to retype information already included on a resume. It’s a major time suck. If you already have a full-time job, job search and application can be draining and exasperating, causing many job seekers to stay stuck in less-than-gratifying careers.

Job seekers are continuously advised to spend their job search time wisely, investing more in networking and less in online search and application. Some career experts recommend spending no more than 10% of job search time online. Fridayd believes that networking is uber important too. That’s why we take on the administrative chores to clear the way for more differentiating activities like networking and interview preparation. And we help with networking too by uncovering key contacts.

Individual job seekers aren’t the only ones benefiting from Fridayd. Universities see the value in offering Fridayd to help their job-seeking new grads and alumni. Businesses like the advantages of Fridayd to help offboard employees, protecting their brands and decreasing unemployment insurance.