Slick Way to Fly Your Job Search Under the Radar


When you already have a job but are looking for another one, there is some good advice on how to keep you search under the radar and not send any red flags to an existing employer. Many tips, such as those offered by Forbes in “How To Conduct A Successful Stealth Job Search (Without Getting Fired),” may seem like common sense, yet those seeking new employment may not take them into consideration in their haste to move their job search along.

Another way to keep a job search on the QT and not risk its intrusion into your current job is to allow experts to manage your job search for you. With over 40 million passive, white-collar job seekers looking for new opportunities every month in the US, there is stiff competition for available jobs. In addition to adding hours to your day before or after work for your search, it can be tempting to try to stay on top of your search during work hours.

The reality is, you don’t have to, and there is every good reason not to, including a more efficient and less stressful job search experience.

Fridayd emerged as a way to primarily help passive job seekers by using technology combined with human support to take away the burden of searching for a new job while already employed. Using its unique approach, Fridayd:

  • conducts your search for you, while you stay focused on the job at hand
  • follows companies of interest for you
  • submits resumes and completes applications on your behalf
  • finds the appropriate networking connections for targeted companies
  • reduces online job search time to 30 minutes or less per week

You can keep your job search moving full steam ahead effectively and without drawing attraction to your planned exit ahead. While your sitting in a meeting with colleagues, you can secretly smile, knowing your job search is taking place behind the scenes.







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