Don’t Give Up; Fuel Up Your Job Search with Less Effort and Stress


Many people give up searching for a new job. Nearly half of unemployed Americans quit searching in 2016. The frustration and added work wears on both the already employed and unemployed job seeker. Passive job seekers who already have a job but are looking for a new one are especially hard hit with the time required to find a new position.

There are better options than throwing in the towel. Most don’t realize the full range of assistance available, especially outsourcing all processes to power on instead of stalling out a search.

Does that mean finding a headhunter? Not at all. In fact, headhunters are more likely to serve the hiring company. They don’t work for you, but rather the companies that will pay them if they deliver the winning candidate. Plus, it’s not easy to find a headhunter to represent you if you are not going to pull in a big commission. Actually, it’s not easy to find a headhunter, period.

There’s an easier way to get help finding a job.

Outsourcing the tedious work of finding opportunities and applying to them is actually available to any professional, making it easier to conduct a search initially and keep one going over time without missing a beat.

At Fridayd, we are dedicated to focusing 100 percent on the job seeker, searching for the most relevant positions and doing the tedious application processes. We don’t represent hiring companies. Our focus is completely on job seekers and making their lives easier. That’s our difference and our advantage.

Yes, there is a small monthly fee, but how much is finding a new job worth to you? And how valuable is it to you to be relieved of the worst pains of finding a new job? Would you pay the average cost of a tank of gas to have job search and application done for you? That’s all it takes. The return on your small investment will fuel your job search and keep you going the distance until you land your ideal job.

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