Help for Foreign Professionals Searching for Jobs at Companies that Sponsor H-1B Visa Employees


U.S. companies seek top talent within the country, but talent demands, especially for specialty professionals, may result in qualified candidate shortages within the confines of U.S. borders. H-1B Visas make it easier for U.S. businesses to broaden their search parameters to include a global pool of talent.

Designed to enable companies to hire non-immigrating foreign talent temporarily for three years with options to extend employment to six years, H-1B Visas also assure that those holding H-1B Visas are educated professionals in their areas of specialty or have an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Specialty professions, for example, include but are not limited to biotechnology, chemistry, architecture, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences, medicine and health, education, law, accounting and business specialties.

When conducting a job search, foreigners wishing to work for a U.S. company under an H-1B Visa can target businesses that typically hire foreigners for specialty roles using H-1B Visas.

View a list of top U.S. H-1B Visa sponsoring companies.

Infosys tops the list with the greatest number of H-1B Visa sponsorships. Other notables on the list of 100 companies include IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Ernst & Young, Facebook, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase.

Foreign professionals may also check out top sponsoring companies by job title, state, city, occupation and industry:

2017 Top H1B Visa Sponsors by Job Title

2017 Top H1B Visa Sponsors by Work State

2017 Top H1B Visa Sponsors by Work City

2017 Top H1B Visa Sponsors by Occupation

2017 Top H1B Visa Sponsors by Industry

Starting from April 3, 2017 the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will temporarily suspend premium processing for all H-1B visa petitions until further notice. That, however, simply means that fast-track options for processing H-1B Visa applications will cease for the time being. Normal processing of applications will continue.

Learn more about who qualifies to work in the U.S. under an H-1B Visa.

Fridayd helps foreign professionals in their search for employment in the U.S. by breaking down language barriers in the search and application process and by enabling users to target specific companies, such as H-1B sponsoring companies, in their search. Because job seekers can fine tune job search criteria with more detailed parameters in the Fridayd solution, users can get very specific in their search and keep an eye on emerging opportunities at targeted companies without having to do any of the leg work themselves.

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