How Did She Do It? 13 Interviews and 4 Job Offers in Just a Few Short Weeks – Without Searching for or Applying to Any Jobs Herself




Some would say a job search is a numbers game. In large part, that’s true. The more consistent you are in your job search, the more likely you are to land the offer. The right credentials are also important, but you have to get your resume in front of as many recruiters as possible for the right positions to up your odds of getting the interview to begin with.

Staying on top of a job search is no easy task. Searching across multiple job boards trying to uncover the most pertinent postings is a tedious task alone. Add the chore of uploading your resume over and over again and filling out long online applications day after day and the whole process can be quite overwhelming.

But then there are job seekers like the subject of this article who didn’t have to do any of the tiresome job search tasks herself and got not only 13 interviews in a few weeks, but also received four job offers that led to securing her ideal job.

With new technology that is enabling job seekers to offload the busy work of finding a job, those seeking new employment can decrease stress while optimizing their time and focusing more on the impression they will make in the interview itself.

“You don’t put your job search on auto pilot,” said Theresa Lawrence, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer of Fridayd, a company that offers this trending and differentiating job search technology. “You are still in complete control, but the time you have to commit to the administrative side of searching for a job is drastically reduced – by as much as 40 or more hours per month.”

With Fridayd, job seekers review a wave of job search results especially curated for them based on detailed search criteria to uncover only the most relevant job postings. Next, they select jobs they want Fridayd to apply to on their behalf. That’s it, and they’re done. The whole weekly review process can be done in as little as 30 minutes on an easy-to-access, at-a-glance dashboard.

“The length of a job search differs for each individual,” said Lawrence. “There are many variables that impact landing the right job, but removing the tactical work is a huge help.”

Heidi, already stretched to the limit with demands on her time, is another example of how Fridayd eliminated the tedious aspects of a job search.

“It’s a game-changer for the professionals we serve,” said Lawrence. “Time is a hot commodity. Who wouldn’t want better results in less time?”



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