Breaking the Job Search Barriers for Immigrants


Finding a job in the US is hard enough for citizens, but imagine how trying it can be for immigrants who may face language barriers and lack experience with job search processes. Searching across multiple job boards and corporate career sites, in addition to the repetitive uploading of resumes and completing online applications can be extremely daunting for a foreign resident or an individual wanting to immigrate to the US.

Gainful employment can be a key component of successful immigration, so how can potential or existing immigrants get past the job search barriers? Certainly having the right skills and credentials top the list in landing a job, but there is a real helping hand available to get through the maze of the job search itself.

Fridayd, for example, offers proprietary technology with personal backend support to take the tedious administrative work out of finding work. A great aid and time saver for any job seeker, Fridayd can be especially beneficial for existing and potential immigrants because it offers a completely different and revolutionary job search approach. Users complete basic job search criteria and fields that mirror online applications, and Fridayd does the rest, delivering the most highly relevant job postings, completing applications on the user’s behalf and even uncovering networking connections at hiring companies.

“I migrated to the US myself looking for better opportunities and to fulfill my dreams,” said Fridayd CEO Carlos Paz. “I know how overwhelming it can be to take up residency in a foreign country and how important it is to become self-sufficient and start feeling like you belong. Fridayd can help break through the frustrating, time-consuming administrative obstacles of searching for a job.”

Geared for professionals, Fridayd also has partnered with major universities to help their job-seeking new graduates and alumni who simply may not have time for a job search or who want to alleviate the painful tasks. The do-it-for-me solution saves job seekers on average 40 hours per month in job search time. For the immigrant, such a time-savings can be extra valuable. It’s time that can be spent focusing on all of the other aspects and challenges of immigration or simply preparing for interviews or working on career development.

“Most job search companies concentrate on assisting hiring companies in their search for talent,” said Paz. “Fridayd is completely focused on helping the job seeker land a new job with far less work, time and stress.”

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