Is It Time to Get “Uncomfortable” with Your Job?


It’s great to love your job, but being comfortable in your work, may not mean that you love it. It may signal that you aren’t growing, and static growth may lead to complacency, eventual boredom and hating your job.

Challenges keep us learning and achieving new milestones. For many, when the challenges cease, so does the motivation to continue high performance. Not all employees leave jobs involuntarily or because they dislike a company, a manager or culture. Many jump ship because their job has grown stagnant.

Trying to find ways to bring more challenges to an existing role or moving to a new one internally are the first steps to fixing a sluggish career. No one likes searching for a new job if they don’t have to, and it’s always seemingly easier to stay put. However, it’s not always possible to realign a current position or receive a promotion to match growth needs. Sometimes it is necessary to make a move to a new company altogether. And today most people have switched jobs at least four times by the time they are 32.

How do you know if you are too comfortable in your job?

For starters, you don’t feel any passion or excitement for the work you are performing. Additionally, your responsibilities are so easy that they are boring and you have lost your motivation to excel. If you are not developing any new skills or being exposed to new opportunities to learn and grow, and, most importantly, if your work doesn’t sync up with your overall long-term career goals, you’ve gotten into a routine rut that is too comfortable. It’s time for a change, and if it can’t happen internally, it’s time to make it happen elsewhere.

You don’t have to leap immediately, and it’s better to stay employed while you are seeking new employment. Searching for a new job while you are already employed is an added time drain, but it doesn’t have to be. With today’s trending technology that does job search and application for you, you can ramp up a job search while doing very little administrative job search work yourself. It can be a fast path out of your too-comfortable work situation.



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