New Year + New Job Search Strategy = New Career in 2017


Out with the old and in with the new. With the start of 2017 and new career aspirations, there couldn’t be a better time to ditch outdated and inefficient ways of searching for a job. Here’s a way you can implement a new strategy right now to boost your job search activity while not doing any of the work.

Start using the technology that functions like a job seeker’s concierge. Imagine having someone not only conduct your job search for you, but also manage the complete application process too, plus uncover networking connection for you. That’s the tiring, frustrating administrative side of a job search that no one likes. Offloading these time-draining tasks could save you a lot of time, giving you the ability to focus more on the really important things, such as networking, preparing for interviews or just spending more time with family and friends.

This advanced outsourcing trend is really taking off. At Fridayd, we use proprietary technology to deliver highly relevant job search results to start with so that less time is spent weeding through job postings that don’t match job search requirements. You can even target specific companies in your search. Our mission is to take the work out of finding work, so we also eliminate the tedious application process and, with your approval, apply to job postings on your behalf. Next, we search for networking connections at the companies to which you applied to help you get a foot in the door.

Fridayd helps job seekers who are primarily professionals and also serves new college graduates who may not know the job search ropes and who may not have realistic expectations on the need to be relentless in conducting a search.

Stop the maddening, time-consuming job search processes. Fridayd does it all for you, saving you time and increasing your job search effectiveness.

Get the New Year started right for a better career in 2017. Learn more and get started.

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