Leverage the Gig Economy to Fill Full-time Employment Gaps


Plenty of job industry forecasters see a monumental move to a Gig Economy, one in which workers are employed predominantly as independent contractors or freelancers. Much of employment growth over the past decade has even been attributed to these alternative work arrangements.

There are appealing aspects of a Gig Economy, such as working with more freedom, project choice and increased income security as a result of multiple job choices rather than having only one employer, but one often overlooked advantage is the ability to leverage the freelance market between permanent, full-time jobs.

Job searchers worry about the employment gaps on their resumes and how to explain them. There are several good ways to do that, but one approach is to avoid such gaps altogether, which can easily be done with the growing opportunities for contract work.

If you leave a job, voluntarily or involuntarily, you can immediately start searching for short-term, contract assignments while also searching for your new dream job. And it’s always possible that a freelance role could turn into the ideal permanent position. The benefits are too great to deny. You continue working, staying engaged and earning a paycheck while at the same time boost your self-worth and confidence that might otherwise fall during periods of unemployment.

Many job search boards now have options to search for part-time, full-time, temporary or permanent positions. Keep in mind, however, that searching for both a temporary job while also seeking a permanent role for the long-term can increase your job search efforts and time. Outsourcing job search and application can be extra helpful and eliminate that pain.

You may even decide you want to conduct freelance work permanently. Many people do. The greatest drawback according to those who have done it is the never-ending job search routine. Once one gig ends, you have to search for another one. But here again, outsourcing the search, like you can with Fridayd, can mean having the job search work done for you, enabling you to focus on each project at hand.

The Gig Economy is booming and so is the trend of outsourcing the heavy lifting of job search.

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