Fridayd Teams Up with Go Blue!


Fridayd helps University of Michigan alumni search smarter, not harder, for jobs.

Universities want to give their graduates and alumni the best shot at career success beyond graduating from their premier university. Alumni career assistance and services help job–seeking grads or alumni at any point in their career journey and can increase placement rates.

However, searching for a new job is a tremendous chore. Even with university job search and career assistance, the job seeker may still have to take on the tedious, time-consuming job search processes – finding the right opportunities, uploading resumes, filling out job applications, discovering networking connections and tracking all efforts. It can really tax and overwhelm an unemployed job seeker, and it can be a huge headache for the passive job seeker – an already employed job seeker who wants to find a better job. There are on average over 40 million passive job seekers in the US in any given month.

That’s where Fridayd comes in as a game changer to enhance career services for colleges and universities and help their job-seeking alumni and new grads by serving as a virtual assistant to take on the monotonous job search and application work for job seekers.

We enthusiastically welcome the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, with one of the largest alumni bases in the world, to our university partner ecosystem to help their job-seeking alumni to focus more on achieving and less on repetitive job search tasks.

“After piloting Fridayd with a small group of U-M alumni and hearing about the positive engagement they had with the Fridayd service, it was an obvious choice for us to offer Fridayd to all University of Michigan alumni. We are excited for active or passive job seekers to have access to Fridayd when navigating their job searches in today’s complex world of work,” said Amy Homkes-Hayes, Manager of Career and Professional Development at the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.

Adding Fridayd to the excellent career services the Alumni Association already provides enables job seekers who opt to register for Fridayd to free up time – as much as 40 or more hours per month – to focus more on networking, interview preparation, career development or personal pursuits.

Most job search solutions are do-it-yourself. Fridayd gives job seekers a simplified do-it-for-me approach. Fridayd users are still in control of their job searches, but Friday makes it possible for them to search smarter, not harder.

Learn more about Fridayd’s university partnership program to help alumni and new graduates land their dream jobs.



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