Emerging Technology Helps Get Terminated and Redundant Employees Back to Work


No one likes to terminate employees. It’s painful for company personnel who have to deliver the blow; it’s even worse for employees being let go, especially if they don’t have a severance package to help them along. They’re devastated. Where will they work? Where will the next paycheck come from? How will they survive?

Off-boarded employees not only lose a job; they may lose their confidence, sense of self-worth and even their ability to focus on searching for a new job. Typical transition plans may help, but generally they are designed to help with resume and interview preparation. Exiting employees, in the midst of their loss and grief, will have to muscle through and perform the tedious tasks of searching for a new position, plus perform the time-consuming application processes – and at a time that they may not feel up to it.

And then there is the negativity that comes with job loss. Exiting employees don’t particularly hold high regard for the company letting them go. Additionally, there is a cost of terminating employees. Unemployment insurance and COBRA can cost a company a bundle, especially if a large number of employees are made redundant as is the case for major company downsizing, acquisitions, company mergers etc.

Companies can turn that negativity around. They can provide exiting employees with tools to move forward so that job search and application processes are done for them. Providing such a service reflects well on the company, helps get terminated employees back to work faster and cuts costs related to letting employees go.

Fortunately, such technology-driven services are emerging, but not many human resources and company leaders are aware of them or understand how they work. In the case of what we are doing at Fridayd, we take the work out of finding work by removing the monotonous administrative tasks for the job seeker so they have more free time to focus on networking and interview preparation. It’s a simple approach. The job seeker reviews highly relevant search results and indicates with one click if they want to apply. We take it from there and give the job seeker a one-stop job search shop along with an easy-access dashboard to track all processes. It keeps a job search moving and saves the job seeker on average 40 hours per month, bringing great relief to the terminated employees, not to mention the image-saving, cost-cutting value it delivers to the company.

Learn more about what we are doing to help companies and their transitioning employees, in addition to helping any job seeker save time and conduct a more effective job search.











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