3 Tips to Prevent Short Circuiting Your Online Job Applications


The emergence of online job search boards changed the way job seekers were able to uncover job leads. Some online boards continued to evolve with some becoming aggregators of job postings across multiple job boards and corporate websites and others evolving to offer easy-apply solutions. Additionally, more and more new apps have hit the market with the aim of making the job search process more streamlined and effective.

What about easy-apply options that enable a job seeker to send a resume in a click or swipe or to use a social media profile instead of a resume? Do they work?

Everyone in the job search industry has scrambled to leverage technology and apps to make the application process simpler for job seekers, but easier isn’t always better unless it’s also accurate and gives the job seeker a true advantage where it matters: in the mind of a recruiter or hiring manager who is viewing the application or resume.

Instead of producing a nicely formatted resume, some easy-apply options create a text-only file, which becomes the first impression a recruiter has of a candidate. In the case of using a social media profile, most people don’t keep their profiles updated nor do they highlight key accomplishments in an orderly way, and that doesn’t present the applicant in the best possible light.

Also, when importing information from a social media profile into and online application, the data doesn’t always populate into the proper application fields, resulting in additional time spent filling in the missing information or moving data around. It’s a shortcoming job seekers have to watch out for so that applications aren’t submitted with incorrect or missing information.

How can you prevent some of the downfalls of easy-apply solutions? Follow these guidelines:

  • If applying using social media, make sure your social media profile reads like a resume and is up-to-date. All too often social media profiles are incomplete and don’t give the full picture of your experience and capabilities.
  • Many recruitment platforms and applicant tracking systems import your resume and social media profile as a text-only file, which means recruiters don’t see a layout anything like your profile or resume format and information may appear disordered. Always upload your original resume as a file too if you have the option.
  • Check, check and double check information imported from a resume or social media profile into an online application to ensure that it was populated into the proper fields and that the information is accurate.

It’s challenging enough to stand out in a crowd and get your resume seen. You can’t afford to take application shortcuts that might seem easier but may actually thwart your chances of getting the interview. Your resume and application create a first impression for a recruiter or hiring manager. Make sure they present you in the best possible light.

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