Nailed it! Landed Dream Job in Only 8 Weeks with Three Children and No Time to Spare


The Problem

“After briefly jumping off my career path for a year to commit more time to raising my three young children, all under the age of 5, I was ready to get back to work,” said Heidi. “I knew my strategy for finding the ideal job had to have a heavy emphasis on networking, but where was I going to find the time to fit that in?”

Heidi found it was already a lot of work just searching for the right opportunities and completing applications online. Most of her job search time was eaten up with those two processes alone. She was getting up very early or staying up extra late and using weekend time to cram her search activities into an already full and hectic schedule. Heidi found it was difficult just to stay on top of searching and applying, and there was little time left to concentrate on networking.

The Solution

“I needed to find a way to better maximize the limited time I had,” said Heidi. “Then I was introduced to Fridayd. Admittedly, Fridayd’s approach was a novel one. Using their technology and personalized service they would do all of the tedious administrative aspects of my job search to free up my time to focus more on networking and preparing for interviews.”

Fridayd, using proprietary technology for advanced job search, delivers job search results to the job seeker who then rates and provides feedback on those curated job opportunities. Based on the job seeker’s input, Fridayd knows whether to apply on the customer’s behalf and even how to fine tune search criteria further.

“It was easy,” said Heidi. “Fridayd has an intuitive dashboard that enabled me to quickly review my job search results and track all of my progress. I could do in minutes what normally took me hours and hours of time to do, and my job search activities, history and information were in one place.”


Fridayd enabled Heidi to have more time to spend on connecting and networking and freed her from the stress many job seekers experience. Plus, Fridayd helped shorten Heidi’s time to hire. She landed her dream job in record time.

“Getting back into the workforce was a daunting task. Using Fridayd eased a lot of the pain and anxiety of the job search. I was able to spend my free time networking over coffee or lunch, researching companies, and preparing for upcoming interviews, which helped expedite the process. I had three interviews and accepted an offer eight weeks to the day after I began my job search.”


Like Heidi, many job seekers find it challenging to fit a job search into an already full life. Already employed professionals or those with demanding personal lives in particular struggle with finding the hours a job search requires. In cases like Heidi’s, in which the job seeker takes a break for a life event, job search skills may be rusty. Fridayd does the heavy lifting, keeps a job search on track and eases the pain and stress of finding work.


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