How to Beat the Clock When You Don’t Have Time to Search for a Job

Forecasts for outsourcing business processes indicate a continued rise of offloading work to external resources. According to Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey 2016, the second highest reason organizations cite for outsourcing is that it enables them to focus on core business functions. They can save time and valuable internal resources for what really matters most.

It’s the same for us as individuals. We have precious personal time, and we need to prioritize and spend it on what we care most about and what will give us the greatest satisfaction or personal payoff.

Many people commonly outsource childcare, financial planning, tax preparation and car maintenance, although they may not think of those in terms of contracting work out. They outsource yard work, housework and home improvement work. They also look more and more to external sources to perform other tedious tasks, including meal preparation. The influx of home meal delivery services is proof of that. So why not outsource the work of looking for work? Searching for a job is a monotonous, time-consuming task, especially if you are a passive job seeker who already has a job and are looking for another one.

“It’s estimated that more than 70% of the labor force is on the job market and 51% of already employed workers are seeking or are open to a new job. They are passive job seekers,” said Carlos Paz, CEO of Fridayd. “That’s millions of employed people who are trying to fit a job search into their already overcrowded schedules.”

Frustrated business woman sitting with head in hands in front of computer at office desk
Searching for a job is a tedious, time-consuming process.

To be effective, job seekers don’t want to limit their search efforts to one job board, but rather search across multiple job boards and company websites. That’s a time-intensive process that can be well worth outsourcing. However, outsourcing for job seekers can include more than just hiring someone to conduct a search for you. Also having a trustworthy source to complete applications on your behalf is another outsourcing option that is gaining ground for its time-saving advantages.

“That’s the real payoff,” said Paz. “Searching for the right opportunities is time-draining, but completing applications online can really soak up double-digit hours every month. Having applications submitted for you can drastically reduce job search efforts, giving the job seeker more time for more important initiatives, such as networking or preparing for interviews.”

Searching for a professional to conduct a search and complete applications for you is one approach to outsource job search processes. There are many career experts who may take on that chore for a job seeker, but that may require additional time to hunt down the right source, who most likely will conduct a search manually on your behalf.

Another way to outsource job search processes is to work through the emerging technology companies that have developed platforms specifically to provide this service. Services vary depending on the company you choose. Some companies focus more on job application preparation with resume-writing and social media profile services in addition to search and application. While others may specialize more in search, application, networking recommendations and tools to help you control and track your job search. Both give the job seeker a do-it-for-me solution that can alleviate the work and stress of finding a new job, helping you to achieve more in less time.

“Time is one of our most precious resources,” said Paz, “and you can’t slack if you want to conduct an effective job search. It all comes down to where your time can be best spent and what tradeoffs you’re willing to make. Those who experience the most success in their search spend far less time on search and application and more time on networking. That’s one of the many benefits of outsourcing. It amounts to searching smarter, not harder.”

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